Nate was raised on the mean streets (OK, the not so mean country roads) of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. He knew from a young age that he was a performer at heart. After a few years working an office job, he decided to give stand up comedy a try and went to his first open mic... a few weeks later he won an open mic competition run by the club.

Since then, he's been working on his material and performing at fine venues such as the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton, WI.

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Nate Hoss

My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Uncle for the First Time

Nate Hoss enjoys the no-strings-attached job of being "Uncle Nate."

3 stars
Stupid Science v2

Nate Hoss is no Bill Nye...Then again who is? No one has felt the pain of this reality more than Ricky Nye(Bill's less successful burnout brother).

3 stars
Urinal Technology

Nate Hoss argues that although technology is growing at an exponential rate, we still find ourselves bound by the shackles of humanity. Whoa...He's deep..

3 stars
Think My Mom Hates Me

Nate Hoss thinks his mom hates him but only a psychopath couldn't love her children. OMG! SHE'S A PSYCHOPATH!!!!!!!

5 stars
Grandma Loves Me v2

Nate Hoss is his Grandma's favorite whipper snapper. If he behaves himself, she'll give him an old nasty piece of candy from her giant purse.

5 stars
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