Paco Romane is a familiar face to Bay Area fans of improv, sketch comedy and music thanks to his work in some of the region's top performing acts. He is a regular performer of comedy around the country and was recently awarded "Best Comedian" by The SF Bay Guardian. He is an actor, writer, director, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

His true love is comedy. He is a member of the award winning sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster. He hosts the popular "Romane Event Comedy Show", which is considered one of the best comedy shows in the Bay Area. Paco has acted in many films, plays, sketch comedy shows, podcasts and commercials.

Paco Romane

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3 stars
Totally Sketchy Episode 2

Episode 2 (Dragon Master) The second episode of Totally Sketchy {Dragon Master}opens with an interview of Poundz, who is just a little confused on how the process works. We find Peter needing some quiet time after being hounded by Brad. He pops into his favorite bar, Poundz's Place, where he is "the " celebrity clientele. Peter's is doing his best to keep things in perspective before he is nearly poisoned by Poundz's coffee, falls in love with a girl in a chicken outfit and has another run-in with Brad. With his sights set on HBO, Brad tries to convince Peter that they need to get "the band back together". Peter has other pressing needs. Created and conceived by Paco Romane Produced by Paco Romane and Kurt Wobken Featuring- Ryan O'Donnell Paco Romane David Menashe Leslie Waggoner Dan Maher and special appearance by Calum Grant Written By: Paco Romane Emmett Schkloven Miriam Wild-Smith Joe Tobin Kurt Wobken Music by The Boneless Children Foundation Sound Design by Jonathan Kepke and David Sophia-Seigel

3 stars
Totally Sketchy Episode 1

The pilot episode of Totally Sketchy (Daddy He's Dead) opens with an interview of Peter and Brad, shot in a documentary, "VH-1 Where Are They Now?", style. The interview delves into their sordid history, the mayhem of "The Struggling Misfits" years, and their current attempt at a comedy comeback. Intercut with the interview are flashbacks wherein we see the broke and desperate Brad track down a reluctant Peter and try to convince him to give it one more shot. Level-headed Peter's been burned by the reckless Brad many times before, but his resistance starts to falter when Brad plays his ace card: Peter will be the show's director.

4 stars
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