Dry, inventive, and disturbing, Pat Dixon's second full-length comedy album takes on religion, dating, gambling, and of course, Civil War reenactments. Fresh off his performances on Premium Blend, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and his own half hour Comedy Central special, this album was recorded live.

Pat Dixon


My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Problems with Asian Child Molesters

Pat Dixon is wary of child molesters.

3 stars
Hinduism and Masturbation

Pat Dixon wants to become Hindu.

4 stars
Being Reincarnated

Pat Dixon doesn't want to fear death.

3 stars
Women Equality in Religion

Pat Dixon loves equality.

3 stars
Shoulder Dick

Pat Dixon thinks about shoulder dicks.

3 stars

Pat Dixon discusses flowers.

5 stars
Simple Fantasies

Pat Dixon is a simple man with a simple fantasy.

5 stars
Annoying habits

Pat Dixon loves how his girlfriend celebrates.

4 stars
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