Ricarlo Flanagan. You dont know who he is and one day he hopes to change that.

Ricarlo Flanagan


My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Anybody Say The N Word

Ricarlo Flanagan talks about racism, and being too "PC"

5 stars
Why Would You Get Abs?

Ricarlo Flanagan

3 stars
Sex Is Too Important

Ricarlo Flanagan reflects on how weird society treats sex.

2 stars
Paula Deen's Got It Goin' On

Making butter the sexiest condiment.

2 stars
1 stars
3 stars
Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase pt1

Ricarlo Flanagan tells jokes in a shirt that is way too big for him.

4 stars
3 stars
Aim Lower

Ricarlo Flanagan performs @ Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle in Detroit, MI

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