Rob Haze is a comedian from Atlanta, and former student at the University of Georgia.

Rob Haze

My Clips

5 stars
10% Of Your Brain

Rob Haze helps debunk an urban myth.

5 stars
I Get Robbed A Lot

Rob Haze has been the victim of a silly crime.

5 stars
Rich Jerks In The Sky

Flying cars are the future, but the future may not be fun for everybody.

5 stars
5 stars

Rob Haze is uber pumped on Uber.

5 stars
Mouth Breather

Rob Haze struggles as a man who must breath through his mouth.

5 stars
Essential Vitamins And Gluten

Rob Haze ponders the new opposition to gluten, and how he (and his grandmother) have been able to survive so long with gluten in their diet.

5 stars
Flying Cars

Rob Haze explains why he wishes flying cars were developed way back in 1998.

5 stars
Whats Not Hip-hop

Rob Haze explains what is and what is not authentically hip-hop.

5 stars
Perfect Interruption

Rob Haze gets interrupted by a siren.

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