Sally Brooks is a comedian and writer whose personal stories of misadventure and fun-loving, smart-assed nature make her an audience and staff favorite wherever she appears. She started as a stand-up in coffee shops and dive bars in Cincinnati, Ohio and is now performing full-time at clubs and venues all over the country, sharing the stage with comedians such as Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Nealon and Greg Proops. Sally was part of Comedy Centralâ??s UP NEXT talent search and was an original cast member of Underbelly, named Cincinnatiâ??s best comedy show. Sally was chosen to perform in the Boston Comedy festival, as well as at the Limestone, SLO Comedy, North Carolina Comedy Arts, Women in Comedy, Brew Ha Ha and Cape Fear Comedy festivals. She is the creator of the popular Suburban Housewife web series, which served as an inspiration for the HULU show â??Mother UP!â??

Sally Brooks

My Clips

4 stars
Gluten and Baby Pics

Sally Brooks talks about diet, parents and politics.

4 stars
People Are Dirty Animals

Sally Brooks explains why trying to be sexy when you're married is hard.

5 stars
Just Shoot Me An Email

Back in the day Sally Brooks was a crusader for email legitimacy.

5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
Anniversary Training

Sally Brooks has trained her husband to "stain the deck," if ya know what I mean...And I think you don't.

5 stars
Bathroom Biters

Sally Brooks indulges in voyeurism and is not disappointed.

5 stars
Linkedin Confusion

Sally Brooks would like you to follow her on LInkedin, her favorite social networking site.

5 stars
Greyhound Bus Experience

Sally Brooks doesn't know if that's a banana in your pocket or if you're just happy to see her.

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