<p>SEAN KEANE is a comedian and writer who performs at all the finest clubs and colleges in the SF Bay Area, and some of the mediocre ones, too. His sportswriting appears all over the Internet. He's a three-time Iron Comic champion, a three-time performer at SF Sketchfest, and won the 2008 Twisted Biscuit competition. He's contributed to McSweeney's Internet Tendency, ESPN the Magazine, and the "Fantasia In Best Show Minor" DVD.</p>

Sean Keane


My Clips

4 stars
Babyface Benefits

It's like a retirement benefit, but for your face.

Staff Pick Celeb Pick 5 stars
Growing My Hair Out

Sean Keane is rockin' a new look.

Celeb Pick 4 stars
2 stars

Greyhounds are not Sean Keane's drink of choice.

4 stars
Unrealistic Romantic Comedies

No one falls in love by the light of a cell phone.

Staff Pick 4 stars
Celeb Pick 4 stars
Election Night in San Francisco

Sean Keane describes the magic of Election Night 2008 in San Francisco, and what made that night so very special.

3 stars
Santa Claus Discusses His Reindeer

In a special guest appearance at the Seanukkah Show, Santa Claus talks about going green and whipping his reindeer.

4 stars
4 stars
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