<P>Spencer Dobson is a stand up comic living in Minnesota. Spencer hates writing bio's and doesn't think you read them anyway. And really, is the clip funnier if He opened for Rich Little or Steve O? It's not. Look, this is free for you and you're blowing off your job anyway, so click on the clip and be a nice person and like it, maybe send it to somebody else who's not doing their job or worse is working too hard and making you look bad. Everybody wins. Thanks for your time. Have a good day. </P>
Oh, Hey, here is my animation, You might like it. You like stuff, right?


Spencer Dobson


My Clips

5 stars
Baby on the Plane

Spencer Dobson is the first to tell you that the "baby on the plane" concept is a well traveled road in comedy. Here, he offers a solution to the problem.

5 stars
I Love Boobs

This is a little clip from a bigger bit about the 2004 Super Bowl. having said that, I do love boobs.

5 stars
Bath Salts

This joke is about bath salts. If you found it on google because you where doing a search for something like 'how to make pickles' I'm sorry I kind of cast a wide net tag wise. Maybe if you watch the clip you'll feel better about this not being a video about pickle making or porn.

5 stars
The Men's Room

Have you ever been in a situation when an unexpected element changes the dynamics of your experience dramatically? That's what happened to comedian Spencer Dobson, when he was trying to pee at an art museum. Let's watch.

5 stars

In this clip, our humorist, Spencer Dobson, describes the difficulty he has in finding an appropriate slur for a couple of young lovers who are gross and methy, and of course, there is a twist. Let's watch it, now.

5 stars
College As An Adult

In this piece, humorist Spencer Dobson talks about returning to college as an adult only to learn that young people are stupid and lazy, let's watch...

5 stars
My Strange Ideas

This segment illustrates Mr Dobson's ability to use words to tell jokes. This joke is about race and how people have races. Let's watch.

5 stars
Making an Adult Film

In this short video, Stand Up Humorist Spencer Dobson shares and experience with the audience involving the making of an adult film and the proper food for women who have been freshly degraded.

5 stars
Online Dating

In this hilarious clip, Stand Up Comis, Spencer Dobson, talks about some of the more interesting features of an online dating web site. Wow, I can't wait to see what happens!

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