How's it going? SHUT UP! We have WAY to much stuff to talk about to be wasting any time listening to your babbling non-sense! GOD!

We are 2 guys from York, PA who make video skits for our that didn't take as long as i what were you saying, sorry.

Anywho, if you like our skits, please rate them. If you don't like them, we'd appreciate it if you didn't rate them.

We have many other skits on our website, Including blooper reels and older skits. We also write a post of the week, so check that out too.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay Awesome!


My Clips

3 stars
Long Trip

Stefan and Mike are heading to a nice event. All Stefan is asking for is for Mike NOT to be annoying. See more at

Staff Pick 4 stars

Stefan's taking his comedy to LA to make it BIG!

5 stars

Mike asks Stefan for something to drink. See more at

5 stars
Science Experiment 3

Mike and Stefan get ready to greet their first interview in their search to find a 3rd member for BangBoomCrash.

5 stars
Phone Bill

Mike's answering peoples questions via the database. See more videos at

5 stars
Science Experiment 2

After the clone idea backfires, Stefan and Mike decide to try and hold auditions for their 3rd member to

4 stars
Science Experiment

Mike and Stefan are searching for a 3rd member of their group.

4 stars

Catch a peek into a Brainstorming session.

5 stars
Lottery Ticket

Mike and Stefan go 50/50 on a scratch-off lottery ticket

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