Tempered in fudge and fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Steve Miller has been using his sense of humor to help him get free drinks in dive bars for years. After running out of hole in the wall bars to haunt he finally decided to take his act to the stage. Relying less on jokes and focusing more on a storytelling style Steve deals with topics ranging from his own health (poor) to the political climate (even worse). Steve’s background in improv and theater help him bring a level of comfort to the stage that belies his relatively short time in the world of stand up comedy.

Steve digs on drinking beer, listening to punk rock records and someday wants to hop a train and ride across the country hobo style.

Steven Miller


My Clips

3 stars
Christian Mingle Dot Com

Steven Miller is getting his money's worth from Christian Mingling.

3 stars
Benefits Of Drinking pt1

Steven Miller is singing the many praises of drinking.

3 stars
Benefits Of Drinking pt2

Steven Miller wants to live in an alcoholic haze just like we all do.

3 stars
Florida Is A Weird Area

Steve Miller doesn't like Florida.

3 stars
Zombies And Checkpoints

Steve Miller likes zombies.

5 stars
Inside Of A Relationship

Steven Miller breaks down the complicated and mysterious dynamics that influence sex and relationships.

3 stars
Started Looking At Online Dating

Steven Miller is single. Trying to find true love, he has looked into joining the growing world of online dating. Here are is initial thoughts.

5 stars
Marijuana Cures Cancer

Steven Miller fires up the discussion of the benefits and costs of Marijuana.

5 stars
Sweet Home Tampa

Steven Miller thinks Florida is a strange place. And that's just how he likes it.

3 stars
Missing High School

Steven Miller, with a crowd composed largely of alumni from his neighboring high school alma mater, reminisces about the good ol' days.

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