Sumukh Torgalkar was born in Cleveland, Ohio to two Indian people. It’s a simple statement but covers the adventure that is Torgalkar’s comedy. Focusing in on such varied topics as his Midwest upbringing, his Hindu faith, and family stories, Torgalkar weaves his personal experiences and observations via his dry but engaging sense of humor.

Torgalkar began performing stand-up comedy in Columbus, Ohio and won a number of comedy contests across the state within his first year with a one-liner style of comedy. Over the years, he developed his stage persona into that of a storyteller sharing humorous and absurd tales from his life. He is a regular at the Columbus Funny Bone and tours the country.

Torgalkar also works as a freelance comedy writer and has contributed to MAD, 614, and Columbus Alive.

Torgalkar has opened for such major acts as Reggie Watts and Russell Peters.

In his free time, Torgalkar loves pop culture, sports, and apathy, which is very apparent in both his writing and performing of comedy.

At some point, Torgalkar will die.

Sumukh Torgalkar

My Clips

5 stars
Hinduism and Sex

Sumukh Torgalkar is growing up too fast. Kids these days!

3 stars
Fried Bean Curd

Sumukh Torgalkar has an interesting new nickname.

5 stars
Slow Down Sign

Sumukh Torgalker makes road signs and will also murder you with his car. I do not want to die at the wheels of a Camry.

5 stars
Crackhead Proposition

Sumukh Torgalker has many admirers. Among them, crackheads... But like, really really cute ones.

4 stars
White Interview Woes

Sumukh Torgalker is whiting it up with the best of 'em. Just ask him how he's doing.

Staff Pick 5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Inappropriate Halloween costume

Sumukh Torgalkar has an inappropriate idea for a Halloween costume.

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