<p>TJ Miller performs Improv, Sketch and Stand-up varieties of comedy.

He is currently a member of Green Company of the Second City National Touring Companies. He is an improviser with the house team Bullet Lounge at IO, performs stand-up at many of the venues in Chicago, and he performs sketch comedy with the group Heavy Weight.

Recently, he starred as Hud in the major motion picture Cloverfield. He eats most meals standing up. </p>

TJ Miller


My Clips

Staff Pick 5 stars
Piñata At The Airport

TJ Miller gets into it with TSA. And by 'it,' we mean a fiesta.

Staff Pick Celeb Pick 4 stars
Celeb Pick 5 stars
Staff Pick 4 stars
Celeb Pick 4 stars
Puking in public

TJ Miller makes eye contact with everybody. Even when he barfs.

4 stars
Staff Pick Celeb Pick 5 stars
Staff Pick 5 stars
4 stars
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