We're sisters, we tell jokes in wigs, and sing our hits while dancing around in sequins. We're also great at stuff and things. We’ve performed at funeral homes, nursing homes, Abortion clinics, black sprig break, Grateful dead shows, family reunions, D U I camps, Roscoes chicken and waffles, Shed aquarium, archaeological digs, David the gnomes fox, @ the circle K with rufus in a phone booth, @ superbowl IIV half time show, @ the garbage pail kids convention, and with Dane Cook for Keaneu reeves birthday party.

The Puterbaugh Sisters


My Clips

1 stars
A Good Year

The Puterbaugh Sisters are establishing healthy habits to make tomorrow brighter.

3 stars
Febreeze For That Special Place

The Puterbaugh Sisters are nothing, if not fresh.

3 stars
Hipster Nation

The Puterbaugh Sisters are a part of both a hipster and rhythm nation.

4 stars
Chicago, An Alcohol Problem

The Puterbaugh Sisters like a drink every now and then. What's the big deal? What is this, an intervention?!

3 stars
Laid A Lot

The Puterbaugh Sisters indulge in romance and never apologize for their lusty appetite.

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