Will Noonan started stand up in 2007 in NYC and has enjoyed the business ever since.
He has proudly performed in The Boston Comedy Festival and The Magners Comedy Festival, has performed on television in America and the UK, been seen on MTV and can be heard on Sirius XM.
He was also the Host of Tauntr.com's weekly sports comedy web series "The Lineup"

Will Noonan


My Clips

4 stars
First Responder Double Standards

Will Noonan points out that we have a double standard when it comes to our heroes.

3 stars
Seafood In All The Wrong Places

Will Noonan is picky about where he'll eat seafood.

3 stars
Pretty Girl Voice

Will Noonan talks about vocal fry a.k.a "The Pretty Girl Voice."

3 stars
Pube Renaissance

Will Noonan talks about the hair down there.

3 stars
Growing Up in Boston

Will Noonan can't believe the sox did it this year. He's bewildered and perturbed.

5 stars
4 stars
Judging Talent Nowadays

Will Noonan is not a fan of homegrown talent experts.

5 stars
Will Noonan at The Comedy Studio 6.23.10

Will Noonan at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge MA on June 25 2010.

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