Yedoye Travis is a young comedian based in Atlanta, GA. A silly man with a penchant for the absurd, Yedoye tackles all the difficult topics from karate to breath mints, often in the same sentence. Yedoye can be seen at the Laughing Skull Lounge, the Atlanta Improv, and other Atlanta and Athens venues.

Yedoye Travis

My Clips

5 stars
Took A Bus From LA

Yedoye Travis is back from that strange city called LA.

3 stars
Proving I'm Dangerous

Yedoye Travis isn't all that intimidating, here is why.

5 stars
Anybody Racist?

Yedoye Travis talks about rap lyrics and the NY, and how dumb people rationalize the n-word.

3 stars
Nice Sex Tips

Yedoye Travis is sometimes too nice when it comes to sex.

4 stars
Worst Impression I Ever Made

Yedoye Travis makes a bad impression.

3 stars
Disappointing World Cup

Yedoye Travis is disappointed in the World Cup.

3 stars
I'm Still Too Young

Yedoye Travis knows that he is still a youngster as evidenced by his relationship to celebrities.

3 stars
The Bible

Yedoye Travis is not a believer. He thinks that's because he is not read the Bible. Here is explains.

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