"A Different Kind of Nothing," feature a series of sketches conceived and created since 2005 in Louisville, Ky., by comedians Dario Konjicija, Greg Bartlett and Dan Hardesty. They hope you enjoy the posted skits. You probably will. I mean, unless you don't like their senses of humor or follow popular culture. Or maybe you're in a bad mood or something. Look, just watch the sketches.

A Different Kind of Nothing


My Clips

3 stars
Inside You?

The most awesome music video ever, OK not the most awesome, but close. (Please add to the Different Kind of Nothing/DKON site)

3 stars
Meet The Impregnators

The Impregnators promo video.

3 stars
Cock Blocker

Superhero that cock blocks people.

3 stars
Boss's Wife

Boss who has weird firing methods.

1 stars
Boom Boom and Walk Away- Slovenian Pop Song

The newest single from Slovenia's hottest band- "THE IMPREGNATORS"

3 stars
Last Dying Wish

Two jerks are in charge of granting dying children's dying wishes. Only, now they want to have THEIR wish granted. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want...nothing.

Staff Pick 3 stars
Stalker Breakup

Girl breakes up with her stalker.

5 stars
Date Lawyer

Girl brings a lawyer on her date.

3 stars

Christian TV show about a superhero that fights homosexuality.

3 stars
Irregular Affair

Friends confess to affairs with each other.

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