Cory Loykasek is an SF based stand-up comedian using laid back rants to take a high-brow look at low-brow issues. He is a member of the For the People Comedy Tour and the co-founder of the sketch groups Funny Party and WobblyH. Is Cory funny? A lot of cool people think so. This one guy, Derrick, he was the JV quarterback at his division III high school, went to prom and everything, thinks Cory is “pretty fuckin’ good.”

cory loykasek

My Clips

5 stars
Questioning My Sexuality

Cory Loykasek questions his sexuality.

5 stars
One Hit Wonder

Cory Loykasek reviews a real one hit wonder.

5 stars
San Francisco is Depressing

Cory Loykasek moved to LA and does not miss San Francisco.

Staff Pick 5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Small Town Trick

Need help looking like a badass? Try this!

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