John Egan is a comedian from Green Bay, Wisconsin and grew up in Milwaukee. He has been doing improv and stand-up since high school. He currently performs throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. He performs regularly at Skyline Comedy Cafe and weekly at ComedyCity De Pere and The Green Room Lounge. He enjoys doing improv and stand up, but stand up pays more so it is better.

John Egan

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Eating Better Lifestyle

John Egan is eating his way to a healthier, younger looking, him.

5 stars
Too Into Batman

John Egan is a true fan and it shows!

5 stars
Rather Than Get Back With My Ex

John Egan is debating getting back together with his ex. Girl, you better not!

5 stars
Trying to Lose More Weight

John Egan thought he would be happier when he lost all that weigh. It turns out tears are just as salty whether you're fat or skinny...

5 stars
It's Different When You're Married

John Egan is learning that being married means never having to say "I love you."

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