Standup Women is all about the ladies. These are the best women comics from around the world live on stage. Stand back, boys, they're funnier than you. Tune in weekly for the best women comics from RooftopComedy stages around the world.

Standup Women

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Date: 5/10/14
Views: 149 4 stars
Benefits of Teaching Kait Varkados explains some of the lesser-known advantages of being a teacher.
Date: 5/10/14
Views: 171 4 stars
Japanese Robots Kait Varkados delivers her own rendition of the classic children's' story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Date: 5/10/14
Views: 220 3 stars
Dating Older Guys Kait Varkados knows how to spice up her relationships with older men.
Date: 4/25/14
Views: 1,098 5 stars
Hanging With Professors Sally Brooks is loving that good health insurance.
Date: 4/18/14
Views: 71 3 stars
Move for the Fellas Julia Prescott is divulging all her good moves. Save some for your future husband, Julia!
Date: 3/30/14
Views: 228 3 stars
Camel Toe Wendi Starling is sporting a new pair of old jeans that fit just right.
Date: 2/23/14
Views: 130 5 stars
Lady Beard Monica Nevi wants to look pensive, so she's taken to stroking her lady beard...In public.
Date: 2/22/14
Views: 248 5 stars
Young Guys Aren't Prepared Mary Mack is educating the young men of America. Thank you, Mary!
Date: 2/27/14
Views: 154 4 stars
Chicago, An Alcohol Problem The Puterbaugh Sisters like a drink every now and then. What's the big deal? What is this, an intervention?!
Date: 12/27/13
Views: 160 4 stars
Drawn Lines Kelsey Cook knows the difference between sane women and "CB"s.
Date: 10/25/13
Views: 176 3 stars
Perverts Megan Gailey is still pretty hip in a pop culture diddling kind of way.
Date: 9/13/13
Views: 137 5 stars
Greyhound Bus Experience Sally Brooks doesn't know if that's a banana in your pocket or if you're just happy to see her.
Date: 7/30/13
Views: 625 5 stars
Growing Up with Mom Kristen Lundberg would rather lick a towel. You got any towels to lick?
Date: 8/10/13
Views: 574 5 stars
True Love Ashley Barnhill explains the fickle sparrow that is "true love."
Date: 7/30/13
Views: 445 5 stars
Pap Smear Questions Celeste Brott has a very trashy date for fifteen minutes every year.
Date: 7/30/13
Views: 502 5 stars
Explaining The Bases Eileen Tull explains the "base" system when it comes to being a fully functional adult.
Date: 5/17/13
Views: 334 3 stars
Being a preacher's kid Kristin Key's father is a preacher.
Date: 7/2/13
Views: 151 3 stars
How to creep out a dermatologist Ever Mainard talks about how she creeps out her new dermatologist.
Date: 4/27/13
Views: 134 3 stars
My New York Kid Cory Kahaney's son takes after her.
Date: 4/27/13
Views: 147 3 stars
I Married a Lawyer Cory Kahaney married a lawyer.
Date: 4/27/13
Views: 103 3 stars
Shopping Online Cory Kahaney gives us a memorable metaphor for shopping online.
Date: 3/14/13
Views: 275 5 stars
Messages From My Mom Kelsie Huff talks about her mom.
Date: 6/12/13
Views: 227 5 stars
Relatable Swimsuit Models Kim Quindlen would like a more realistic swimsuit model.
Date: 6/1/13
Views: 200 4 stars
Working Out While Old Mona Chiarizio likes to take it easy when it comes to working out.
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