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Fueled by coffee and 80s funk playlists.

Dominic's Picks

The Magic TrickHarrison Greenbaum
Breakup bearsHampton Yount
The world, explainedMaria Bamford
Applebee'sJoe Zimmerman
Pyramid schemeMichael Palascak
Stealing the rainbowJosh Gondelman
Grandma's on FacebookBryan Bruner
A traffic incidentTom Segura
Failing a Drug TestAndy Sandford
How my parents metErik Rivera
Nurses aren't sexyAndy Woodhull
My Bed And IMatt Knudsen
Playing Rock BandMaggie Faris
Three types of unfun peopleChristina Pazsitzky
Reality TV ShowsChase Durousseau
Church And WiFiMark Normand
Holiday BreakupsJosh Gondelman
KY Yours and MineAndy Sandford
Fresh Picks
On sale at the Dollar Store *STAFF PICK
On sale at the Dollar Store (01:24)

Ryan Hamilton

Jackie Engagement Manager
Ryan Hamilton knows how to build a joke to keep the laughs coming. This is a great oldie from the archives.
The Magic Trick *STAFF PICK
The Magic Trick (04:42)

Harrison Greenbaum

Dominic VP, Specials and Talent
I saw Harrison perform this bit live and it erupted the place like I've never seen in my life. What's more entertaining than magic? Magic babies? Check.
CB Radio Fun (02:51)

Ryan Singer

Chris Cutter
This is the best.
Be A Gentleman *STAFF PICK
Be A Gentleman (04:55)

cory loykasek

Cameron Community Manager, Social Media, Quick Fix host
Cory Loykasek is a brilliant sketch writer/actor and his co-star Donny Divanian is great in this. Both hilarious dudes and great guys.
A father's ultimate goal *STAFF PICK
A father's ultimate goal (01:21)

Chad Daniels

Andria Creative Director
This joke is a favorite but I'm also a big fan of his canoe trip story. You'll have to buy a ticket for that one though.
Accidental Text *STAFF PICK
Accidental Text (00:48)

Mike Brody

Morgan Content & Programming
Dragons Are A-Holes *STAFF PICK
Dragons Are A-Holes (02:00)

Crazy Boris

Will El Presidente
What is this?? I mean, other than AMAZING.
Addicted to petroleum *STAFF PICK
Addicted to petroleum (02:02)

David Crowe

Josh Code Monkey
Hi. My name is Josh. I'm a petro-oholic. I'll let David Crowe tell the rest of the story.
Walmart is too big *STAFF PICK
Walmart is too big (00:44)

Maronzio Vance

Tom Genius
Times are tough. Very tough.
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